AKK A10 all in one system poker analyzer

 AKK A1 poker analyzer is the newest poker analyzer in the market now. There are more functions of this model poker analyzer than others.

Firstly, its 500w photo processing system CPU used in the analyzer and 64 wave filters in front of the camera make the camera work under sunshine, both indoor and outside. With the best photo software system driver developed by AKK, the camera works in a super wider area.
Secondly, with a long distance one to one Bluetooth earpiece, nobody else can hear the result except you. 
Thirdly, With 180 angle degree and 360 angle degree to read the barcode marked cards, the camera will read the marked cards with 100% accuracy. What's more, the scanning distance of this analyzer is 23cm to 48 cm on length and 30 cm on width. The cards can be read on table or in hand.
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