AKK K4 Poker Odds Calculator

AKK K4 poker scanning analyzer which is very excellent and useful is one of the latest AKK poker analyzers in recent years. The K4 poker winner predictor has the same function as normal cell phone. It means that it not only can be a cell phone but also can be used to scan and analyze the barcode marked cards clearly and accurately. Furthermore, you can use this as Texas Hold'em Odds Calculator, Omaha poker winner predictor and so on. K4 poker analyzer device has more advantages than previous poker analyzers. There is a built-in camera lens inside the K4 poker analyzers and it is hard for other poker players to find where the spy camera lens is, except you. The scanning distance of K4 poker winner predictor can be 20-48 cm, and it also has a width range scanning distance, which can be extended to 24 cm.