Barcode Marked Cards Poker Cameras Lens

There are different kinds of poker cameras in our company for cheating poker games. Do you know our poker cameras? Do you want to buy our poker cameras? There are many poker cameras, we will show you our lighter camera for a reference!
This is a short scanning distance poker camera for scanning barcode marked cards. It is a real lighter when you look at it from the appearance. This product could be used to read different kinds of barcode marked cards. They are the KEM barcode marked cards, Fournier barcode marked cards, Copag barcode marked cards, Aviator barcode marked cards, Modiano barcode marked cards, Bee barcode marked cards, Bicycle barcode marked cards, Bear barcode marked cards and Lion 3005 barcode marked cards. No matter plastic poker cards or paper poker cards, they could be processed to barcode marked cards. After these barcode marked cards scanned by lighter scanning camera, and then the poker analyzer will receive the signal and then give out the accurate game result. For example, if you like playing Texas hold’em and cheat at this game with our lighter camera, the user could know the biggest winner, the ranks of all poker players at the table, the first winner and the second winner.