Bluetooth Loop Iwatch Marked Cards Accessories Interact With Mobile Phone Analyzer

This is a new technology watch, it has all functions of mobile phone, it is an iWatch, it can be inserted an ID card and SIM card, and it can answer a phone calling, for example, when your friends make a phone call to you, and you can answer his phone call by using this kind of iWatch, this technology makes communication much more convenient.
Besides this function, this kind of iWatch also can connect the bluetooth with your mobile phone and you will be able to hear anything when your friends call you and tell you something, and you just need to wear the wireless micro-earpiece.
Because of this iWatch can be connect with bluetooth with earpiece, so this iWatch also can work with our Samsung K4 poker analyzer, as when you connect this iWatch with our AKK40 Samsung poker analyzer with bluetooth, and then you can hear the results by wearing the wireless micro-earpiece after you use one camera to scan bar-codes sides marked playing cards.