Cards Shuffle Shoe Camera Lens For Baccarat

Shuffler is a useful device, widely used in big casinos, not only convenient but also time-saving. As regards gamblers, they are certainly eager to find a cheating device to win money, so shuffler as a cheating device is becoming a secret way to realize their winning dream.
The cards shuffler can shuffle one deck, 2 decks or 4 decks at a time. A high technology is applied to this shuffler cheating. Our company can do fiber lens into it. After those fiber poker camera lenses scan the poker face, it will turn poker faces into digital numbers and sent to the computer to analyze. From the cell phone or computer, you will know the banker or the player will win in this game. The most important feature is that you only need to use normal cards (non-marked cards). As for short distance, the devices include a shuffler with Bluetooth equipment and a cell phone to receive data. And for long distance, there is a shuffler, a phone to send data, the other phone to receive data by SIM card and computer to analyze the data. Shuffler can use battery or can use DC power directly. You can choose either you want.