Ceiling light Camera for IR Back Marked Cards

 Some guys told me that he can't use contact lenses marked cards any longer because many people know about this products and they may use invisible ink glasses or contact lenses to detect the marked cards.
Then the IR camera marked cards is a better voice. Have you learned about the secret ceiling light camera that can see the IR back marked decks?
This special IR camera is secret hidden in the ceiling light and is safe to use. When you look at it from the surface, you will not find the secret inside. People would think it is a regular ceiling light. This is a spy camera for reading back marked cards. The partner in the background can see those marks on the back and then tell you the game result accurately. This spy camera is suitable for some guys who don’t want to wear a pair of IR contact lenses or IR sunglasses. The mini camera is set inside the ceiling light, no one will find it. There are other IR cameras in our company. They are pin hole camera, wall picture camera, lamp camera and wall TV long distance camera and so on.
When you use this product, you could choose any brand of back marked cards. They are Bee back marked cards, Modiano back marked cards, Copag back marked cards, Fournier back marked cards, KEM back marked cards and the Bicycle marked cards.
If you have such a wonderful device you will enjoy the poker games a lot. With the help of these wonderful products, winning at poker game is not hard!