Chest Button Auto HD Camera Poker Scanner

This is a real button which can provide you to be used on your shirt or Jacket or coat, this is a common object, while more common objects, more people will be more difficult to discover or realize them, while more people are more difficult to discover and realize them, they will be more convenient to be used, as it is a button with camera on the chest to scan marked playing cards for poker analyzers.
While how to use this kind of auto camera? At first, one set of it will include one button sensor camera,and two pieces of batteries which also has a transmitter and frequencies inside, and charger; as for the battery case, you can via to press the button to change the frequency to make this auto camera to work with your poker scanners, so that it is more convenient for users to play poker games or display magic tricks when the users have different frequenciespoker analyzers.
While why its name is auto sensor camera? Because this button camera will focus the image of markings of cards automatic, as soon as the marked cards are on the position of scanning and focus, it doesn't need you to move the marked cards, this button camera will adjust and enlarge the markings image directly by itself.