Copag Pinochle Marking Playing Cards

This unique new Copag marked poker cards set offers you just what you need - no more cards you don't play with. The cards are made of 100% plastic. They have standart poker size (2.50" x 3.5") with regular index. Each Copag Pinochle marked poker card deck consist of 48 cards, ranging from 9 to ace. Each Copag marked deck includes 2 sets of each suit.
The back designs of the Copag marked cards are in 2 colors - red and blue. Actually the back color determines the marks. The marks can be UV and IR.
The red colored cards are marked with big letter or number in the middle, or with small fonts in the corners. The marks are also in different colors. You can find the red cards with black or white marks. What is more, you can marked the playing cards as back marked cards for infrared contact lenses or bacode marked cards for poker scanning camera.
The blue colored cards are usually marked just with a big font in the middle. And the ink used for the marking is white. It is known that the performance of the red colored marked cards is usually better than that of the blue colored marked cards.