CVK 500 poker scanner analyzer

CVK 500 poker analyzer is the one of the latest CVK analyzer.

Being the new model now, the CVK 500 analyzer gets a new fashion looks that is more beautiful and attractive than the earlier models.
We can get any 3 games for this analyzer when you buy, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards, Russian Seca game, Flush game, Indian in - out game, High cards and so on.
The set of CVK 500 analyzer system includes a bluetooth earpiece, one to one earpiece and one piece of remote control and so on. The one to one bluetooth earpiece can be reach about 10 meters transmitter.
CVK500 poker analyzer has one built-in camera to scan invisible bar-codes marked playing cards, and it can read the cards so fast that takes just less 0.1 second.
Just feel free to contact if you have any interest in this new CVK analyzer.