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  • KEM Luminous Marked Cards For UV Sunglasses2017-05-10
  • They are Bicycle marked cards, Bee marked cards, Copag marked cards, Fournier marked cards, Modiano marked cards, Fournier 2818 marked cards, Lion 3005 marked cards and Bear marked cards.
  • Luminous Barcode Marked Cards Soothsayer2017-05-10
  • There are the newest CVK 400 poker soothsayers,CVK 350 poker soothsayers, K30 all in one poker analyzer, K20 all in one poker analyzer, MDA poker analyzer, V68 poker analyzer, GPS poker soothsayer.
  • Special Laser Marking Cards For UV Sunglasses2017-05-10
  • Those laser ink marks printed on the card back can only be recognized by laser camera lens, and other poker scanners like IR contact lenses and poker camera lenses are not capable of checking them.