Infrared Camera for Scanning Marked Playing Cards

 In order to increase the knowledge of anti-poker cheating device for you, here we will show you more details about it. Infrared camera is one of best poker tracking software in our company. We mainly adopt advanced technology and special material to make it.
Infrared camera capable for scanning the barcode marked playing cards. There are many models can fix with mini size camera lens inside, but now the single hidden camera or double hidden cameras are widely used by many poker players.
As the mini infrared camera lenses just occupy the limit space inside, it is hard to be found by others. So you can pay more attention to use our IR camera in texas holdem poker game.
There are many kinds of poker scanning camera for your choice. For this, you just need to send us the device model, and then we can make the best infrared poker scanner for you. If you have any questions about mini spy camera wireless, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.