Infrared Contact Lenses for Sale

Infrared contact lenses are professional devices to see through the invisible ink back marked cards. 

Our infrared contact lenses include the best quality professional IR contact lenses, the standard quality IR contact lenses and the good quality IR contact lenses. These are very useful devices for seeing the luminous marked cards which are always used in magic shows or poker games with invisible ink marked cards. 
So the infrared contact lenses could work together with Modiano back marked cards, Bee marked cards, Bicycle marked cards, Copag back marked cards, KEM back marked cards, Bear back marked cards and Lion 3005 marked cards. You can see those marks clearly. And then the user could know poker points and poker suits. Using the special contact lenses to cheat at Omaha, Texas hold’em, Teen Patti or other games. 
Infrared contact lenses are for sale with marked cards now. They will help you a lot in enjoying your shows or games. Please feel free to contact if have any interest.