Infrared contact lenses to see marked playing cards

 Poker contact lenses is always being popular for the following reasons.

Firstly, it's very safe to wear the infrared marked cards that won't change the eye color at all. No matter you have dark color eyes or light colors eyes, green, blue and so on, you can get the professional contact lenses to suit your own eyes and see the invisible ink marks. Others won't see any differences in your eyes.
Secondly, it's very easy to use the infrared contact lenses to see the invisible ink marked cards when comparing to other poker devices. As long as you wear the contact lenses well, you c an easily enjoy the poker games with infrared marked cards.
Thirdly, the IR or UV contact lenses to see marked playing cards is easy and cheap to get when compare with other poker analyzers or IR cameras. It's the with the lowest price and the most practical cheating device for poker.