Infrared Sunglasses Read the Luminous Invisible Ink

Where can poker players buy the fashionable infrared sunglasses as anti-poker cheating device? Here, we can supply you the best perspective sunglasses that it can be easily used to read the luminous invisible ink markings on the back of marked playing cards. There are various styles of IR sunglasses for you to choose. Meanwhile, we can custom the unique sunglasses according to your requirement.
Our fashionable infrared sunglasses look like ordinary sunglasses in appearance. These infrared sunglasses can work together with the infrared marked cards which cannot be read by naked eyes. Wearing infrared sunglasses to read the invisible marked cards, you can see markings on back of poker cards clearly. If you want a pair of unique IR sunglasses, you can send your own sunglasses to us and then we will process the unique IR sunglasses for you.