Invisible Ink Copag Marked Poker Cards and Copag Barcode Marked Cards

Copag playing cards are regarded as one of the best poker playing cards by knowledgeable poker in different country. They are made of PVC material and this brand of marked playing cards are generally expected to last from 20 to 50 times longer than other normal poker marked cards
We processed this Copag cards as invisible ink marked poker cards and barcode marked cards. For invisible ink marked cards poker, we marked invisible ink marks on the back of playing cards. Theses marks can’t be read by our naked eyes. But if you wear our IR contact lenses or perspective sunglasses, you can read the numbers and suits on the back of marked decks. The latter one, barcode marked cards, was printed bar code on the four sides of poker with uv invisible ink. These special barcode juiced cards work together with poker analyzer system.