KEM Arrow Wide Back Invisible IR Marked Cards

Marked cards are critical for poker games. There are different brands of poker cards in our company. All of them can be processed to marked cards.
What brand of poker cards you have used before? Do you try to use our KEM arrow wide back marked cards. It is useful for poker cheating games. These special cards are popular in Europe, America, Turkey and the northwest Europe. They are plastic poker cards with red back and blue back. This material could be used for a longer time. We mark red back with a big letter or number in the middle. And we nark blue back with a big font in the middle and the ink is white. KEM back marked cards are with high and excellent quality. They are processed by our professionals with strict technology. Otherwise, you can tell us your requirement to make your special marked cards. Our company sells other brands of marked cards for your reference. They are Bicycle marked cards, Bee marked cards, Copag marked cards, Fournier marked cards, Modiano marked cards, Fournier 2818 marked cards, Lion 3005 marked cards and Bear marked cards.
Poker gambling devices are reliable to be cheating at different poker games. marked cards are important devices. Welcome to know about more information of these cheating products.