LD D6 Poker Winner Predictor

Have you used the LD D6 poker winner predictor in casino game? LD D6 poker winner predictor is a type of all-in-one poker analyzer in our company. It has a built-in camera lens, which can scan the bar code marked poker cards. In addition, the scanning distance of LD D6 poker analyzer is 20-48 cm in length and about 20-30 cm in width. After the built-in camera lens of LD D6 poker analyzer scans the bar code of the four sides marked cards, it will analyze the poker hand odds and tell you result within 0.1 second, you can hear the result by wireless spy earpiece or see the poke winner result from the screen of poker analyzer. Also you can choose other poker camera for it. There are different styles of poker scanning camera, such as: car key scanning camera, clock poker scanner, ashtray poker scanning camera and so on.