Lighter Camera Lens For Reading Marked Cards

There are all types of poker cameras in ourcompany, and in this article, we are gonna introduce you to our new lighter camera which is suitable for those who like to smoke while gambling to use. The lighter is made of metal, featuring fine workmanship and exquisite appearance. In a situation where other poker players are smoking as well,the lighter would become an ideal carrier of poker camera.
With a poker camera fixed inside, the lighter can not only be used to light your cigarette, but also can be used to scan marked cards. The scanning distance of the camera is 20-40cm. There is a mercury switch in the lighter. So, to turn on the camera, you just need to lay the side of mercury gravity face-down. After lighting your cigarette, you can put the lighter where is good for the camera to scan the marked playing cards that have been shuffled already.
If you are looking for a scanning camera for poker analyzer system, why not have a try with our lighter camera? We have confidence that this device won’t disappoint you. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us!