Lighter with Marked Cards Poker Scanning Camera

 Where to buy the most fantastic lighter poker scanning camera in China? Here we can offer you the best quality lighter poker scanner. We are one of best suppliers for selling anti-poker cheating devices in China.
Our Marlboro lighter infrared camera has been widely used by many poker players. This Marlboro lighter poker winner predictor can be used by poker players or magicians in different poker places or magic shows.
This high-tech lighter is a real lighter and it can help you to operate with poker analyzer device. It can be used for all generations of poker analyzer with various brands of marked playing cards. There is a camera lens hidden inside the lighter which can scan the poker cards. And then you can know the poker hand odds in the poker game. What is more, the lighter scanning distance is 50-60cm and it can run for long time. When it is out of power, you can change the battery for it.