Luminous Marked Playing Cards Detetor Devices

Poker detector is just the poker analyzer. Someone call it poker analyzer. This product can be used to help you win money at different poker games. Do you want to know more about our poker detector?
Poker detector could give out the accurate game result when you cheat at different poker games. There is CVK 500 all in one poker detectors, CVK 400 all in one poker detectors, CVK 350 all in one poker detector and CVK 350 poker detector. Some of them don’t need to work together with extra cameras, but some of them need to work together. All in one poker detectors are with mini cameras inside. K30 all in one analyzer is a real Samsung cell phone and the user could enjoy all functions of a real cell phone. For example, making phone call, playing games, sending massage and listening to music. We have set a mini and sensitive camera inside the Samsung cell phone and a game program. The camera scanning distance is 10-30cm. CVK 400 all in one detector and CVK 350 all in one detector are latest detectors. But they are with higher price, some poker gamblers can not offer the price. However, they are eager to win money at poker games, so this K30 all in one analyzer is your good choice for these poker players. This analyzer is support English reporting, so it is convenient used by different regional poker players.