Remote control dices with electronic board

 Dice gambling game is becoming more and more popular. No one can always win the games depends on good luck only because god won't help one guy all the time. 

If you want to win the game, please try to use the remote control dice. and there is a remote controller to control the dice and then you can get the number you want. It is very simple to control this product on the special electronic board with the processed dices and no one will find the secret at all.
Electronic board is a part of remote control dice system. This product has a very big effect for winning dice gambling game. The size of electronic board can be 30*30cm, 60*60cm. And the thickness of the electronic board is 15mm. This is a very special board. Before you play the dice game, you could install it under the dice table and then use a suitable bowl to accord with the electronic board.