UV Marked Cards Watch Scanning Camera Lenses

This is one of our newest products which is the most notable device when we talk about the Playing Cards Devices and Gambling. A small camera is placed inside the wall clock that can see all the actions of the marked playing careds and gives the details to its user through earphone or some vibrating device. This Watch Playing Card Camera is the another ideal option for all card lovers who wants to save cash and win every and all card games .This is the specialty of this device will help you to win any clash in the gambling or performing card tricks in front of others.
1.Product is made with newest Expertise which fulfills all customer needs.
2.This product is very fresh and stylish in market and remains last longer.
3.It is made up of high quality and durable material and with compact Design it is easy to Use.
4.This device has pre -installed hidden camera built inside.
5.With New and improved quality of battery it runs for long durations.
6.This device scans all the playing cards instantly and reports to the player.
7.Built with latest Tech software so it is very convenient to use.