Watch Camera Lens For Scanning Barcode Marking Cards

You can use different kinds of poker cameras to help you win money at poker games. Watch camera is one of the best devices. And do you want to know how to use it?
When you wear a watch on your hand, other people will not notice it. So a watch is a good device to become a cheating product. We have set a mini camera inside the watch and then it will scan barcode marked cards automatically. This is a secret product when you cheat at poker games. And the camera can work together with CVK 400 poker analyzer, CVK 350 poker analyzer, K30 poker analyzer,K20 poker analyzer,MDA poker analyzer, V68 poker analyzer and GPS poker analyzer. No matter what kind of poker games you cheat at, you could get an accurate game result secretly. And there are other poker cameras. For example, the water bottle camera, cigarette box camera, USB cable camera and car key camera. With the help of wonderful products, you will be the winner in the market.
Watch poker camera is a short distance camera. You could choose the 10-20cm, 20-30cm, 30-40cm, 40-50cm, 50-60cm. This is a wonderful device and will not disappoint you!