Where to buy Copag marked cards

We are one of the most professional leading manufacturers of poker cards in China. If you want to have a Copag marked playing cards, it is a best choice for you to choose us. We can make marked cards with different brands, such as Aviator, Bee, Bicycle, Copag, KEM, Fournier, Da Vinci, Modiano, Dal Negro and so on. Copag poker cards is the official cards in the world. Most of poker players have used this kind of best luminous ink poker cards in casino or Texas Holdem. This marked card is made of 100% plastic paper and it is completely washable and extremely durable. There are Copag barcode marked cards and Copag marked cards.
As for barcode marked playing cards, the luminous ink is on the four sides of cards. And those markings just can be seen by who use the poker scanner and poker analyzer. As for back marked cards, the invisible ink markings is on the back of poker cards, so the markings just can be seen by who wearing the IR contact lenses or sunglasses.