X Ray contact lenses that see through playing cards

 X ray contact lenses are said to be the latest devices among all special playing cards contact lenses. They are different from infrared contact lenses which need to work together with invisible marked cards.  They work well with poker playing cards without luminous marks, which will surprise you a lot.

The x ray contact lenses will bring you a good effect when you cheating poker games. They work well for Texas hold’em, Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker Caribbean Rummy Dominoes and other poker games. It has the ability to see directly through clean plastic playing cards or the paper poker cards. These poker cards don’t need to be marked with invisible ink marks on the back. This device is not the same with infrared contact lenses but with stronger power. You just need to wear them and then you can see well what the poker cards are. 
Don’t you think they are powerful and helpful for cheating poker games?  
However, please feel free to contact for more information about the luminous marked cards and invisible ink contact lenses.