Marked Cards Scanner Analyzer

AKK K5 poker analyzer

New AKK K5 Texas Holdem and Omaha Scanner Analyzer

Ever since the AKK K4 analyzer’s come out to the market in 2016, our technicians and engineers have spent lots of time and energy studying and working hard for the AKK K5 scanner analyzer. Now t...

AKK K4 Scanner Analyzer

Texas and Omaha winner predictor of AKK K4 Analyzer

AKK K40 ( K4 ) poker analyzers come out to the market in 2016. K4 poker predictors have many advantages than the previous poker analyzers, such as AKK K3 (AKK30), CVK350 or CVK350C, or MDA or V68 play...

AKK K30  scanning analyzer

Traditional Poker Analyzer of AKK K30 SAMGSUNG Scanning System

AKK k30 is the special model poker scanner analyzer that begins the time of marked cards analyzer with scanning camera inside the phone analyzer. It's one of the first poker analyzers that has a local...

PK King 518 Poker Analyzer

5 Games PK King 518 Poker Analyzer in Scanning System

PK king is a series for poker analyzers that has some advantages than CVK analyzers or MDA scanning system. Some people prefer the PK king analyzers for it is neither the most expensive analyzers nor ...

PK King 508 Poker Winner Predictor

Poker Winner Predicting System of PK King 508 Scanner Analyzer

PK king is another brand for poker analyzers that is made in China. It isn’t the most expensive analyzers but it’s useful when playing poker games such as Texas Holdem and Omaha. The PK K...

CVK400 poker analyzer

Poker winner scanning system CVK400 for Texas and Omaha

CVK400 is the latest poker analyzer of CVK that We provide in the market. The high-speed and  modern Playing Cards Cheating Device of CVK 400 scanner analyzer works very well in getting the winne...

CVK350 poker analyzer

CVK350 Poker Analyzer for Barcode Marked Cards

Being different from the early model of CVK analyzers, the CVK350 has a local scanning camera. It can scan the barcode marked cards directly and then analyze the signal and information. The scanning d...

Spy Earpiece for Poker analyzer

Mini Earpiece in Poker Scanning System to get Spy information For Poker

This earpiece is an output devices for poker analyzers cheating by hear the winner hands or cards information before the game. Usually this special earphone is included in the poker scanning system wi...

Poker Analyzer Voice Amplifier

Voice Amplifier for Phone Poker Analyzer

This item is seldom used in daily lives. It seems to have a strange shape but it's a necklace work to be a voice amplifier. It’s one of the latest style voice amplifier that can work well with o...

PK S608 scanner analyzer

The Latest PK Analyzer of Samsung S6 Phone

 After many test and study after the Samsung S6 smart phone come into the market, our company work out the PK S608 poker analyzer this year with the cover of the new Samsung phone. Being the late...

Iphone Poker Analyzer AKK K2

Marked Cards Iphone Poker Analyzer AKK K2

 Some guys who never use these products before may think it too expensive to get the latest analyzer because they haven't know how good the poker analyzer is and what the analyzer would bring. Th...

Battery for earpiece

Mini Battery For Poker Spy Earpiece

 In the scanning system of side code marked cards, poker scanning camera and poker analyzer CPU, the earpiece is another key point in this poker cheating system to help you to get the poker infor...

Scanner camera battery

Chargable Battery For Poker Scanner Camera

 Nowadays all the electronic devices work with batteries inside so that they can be wireless and easy to take everywhere, so are our poker scanners.  All the poker scanning cameras with batt...

 poker device charger

Universal Charger for All Electronic Poker Device

Universal Charger is another kind of charger for poker analyzer devices. You can use it to charge the mobile phones such as our phone scanning cameras or phone analyzers and also other scanner devices...

phone scanner analyzer charger

Direct Charger For Phone Analyzer Or Poker scanner

This is the charger for poker analyzer device. You can charge for our mobile phones including our scanning cameras and analyzers with this charger directly. Because our analyzer and scanning cameras a...

LD I6 poker analyzer

I6 Marked Cards Scanner Analyzer, The Latest LD Poker Analyzer

 LD I6 poker scanning analyzer is one of the latest and best model of marked cards analyzers nowadays.  Being the latest model, it has get the latest fashionable appearance, which looks the...

D6 Poker Analyzer of LD Series

D6 Poker Analyzer of LD Series With Large Scanning Distance

Being one of the latest models,  LD D6 poker scanning analyzer has get the same fashionable appearance as Samsung S6. They look exactly the same and you can't notice any difference between this ...

V68 poker analyzer

V68 Poker Analyzer CPU

 The V68 analyzer is one of the most traditional analyzers for the Scanning System so far. Though it isn't the latest model, it's the most practical and helpful one, especially for Zecchinetta, B...

MDA poker scanning analyzer

MDA marked cards analyzer

 This MDA analyzer is one of the most classic analyzers for the Scanning System. It is in the earlier model but it's very practical in Texas holdem or Omaha games. You don't need to worry about ...

 GS poker analyzer

GS Poker Scanning Analyzer

 GS is a brand name for the poker scanning analyzer. It's quite popular in the past two years. Though it's in earlier model, it's very practical and helpful. There are lots of games within this a...

CTKQ5 Poker Winner Analyzer

CTKQ5 poker hand analyzer with poker cheating card reader

 CTKQ5 poker scanner analyzer is one of new LD series marked cards analyzer for poker cheating devices. This special model poker analyzer app has get the same look with Iphone6, which is similar ...

CVK350T marked cards analyzer

CVK350T Barcode Marked Cards Analyzer

 CVK350T poker analyzer is in the cover of Iphone, which is much different from other models of CVK analyzers for they are always in Copied Samsung. The CVK350T has a local scanning camera insid...

CVK500 poker scanner analyzer

Invisible Ink Marked Cards CVK500 Scanner Analyzer

 CVK500 poker analyzer recently come out into the market in 2017. The high-speed and accurate scanner analyzer of CVK500 works very well in scanning marked cards and getting the winner hands in p...

PK king S708 scanner analyzer

PK S708 Marked Cards Scanner Analyzer

 PK King S708 is one of the latest model poker scanner analyzers recently. It has a more fashion and more beautiful looks than the earlier models. What's more, there are some necessary advantages...

AKK A1 marked cards scanner analyzer

Powerful AKK A1 poker scanning analyzer

 AKK A1 is definitely the latest poker analyzer of AKK in 2017.  It is a high definition all-in-one poker analyzer with scanner of the biggest scanning distance and geared up with plenty of ...




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