Novelty Gravity Dice With High Win Probability

Most of the dice are adopt a kind of material named Melamine, but it also can using bone, wood or metal to make special dice as your wish. The gravity is well known among the dice players as it high win probability can reach 90%. By the way, the gravity dice is also called fixed dice, that mean you can control it to get the number as your wish when it roll.
We all know that normal dice has six face and each face responsible different number. There is such a feature between the opposite, the sum of the two opposing values will be equal to 7. While different customs have different requirement, so we can processed one face or two faces, even three faces, as your wish. But we are very responsible to tell you, usually process a face will be more stable than two or three. Just like the mercury dice, we have filled something special into gravity dice. We just fill in the opposite of the number of points you want to fill in this particular material, so you can get the number as your want easy. This is really a good cheating device to do you a big favor in dice games.

Novelty Gravity Dice




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