marked playing cards

Marked Playing Cards

Marked Cards for Contact Lenses

  • Any kinds of marks on the back, can show you number and suits
  • IR/UV contact lenses or glasses, invisible to naked eyes.

Marked Cards for Scanner Analyzer

  • Barcode marks on four sides, work in scanning system to let you know the number and suit or winning hands.
  • Poker scanner camera with analyzer only, invisible to lenses or glasses.

What are marked cards?

Card marking is the process of identifying a card by bending or marking with ink on the cards. Recently, advances in technology have driven the technology of marking cards a lot. The mark on the cards changes from visible code marks to invisible ink marks. The invisible marked card is marked with special invisible ink. Generally speaking, there are two types of invisible marked cards.

Contact Lenses Marked Cards

contact lenses marked cards

One is the infrared marked cards with clear luminous ink marks of colors and numbers on the back of the cards, which is mainly read by special IR or UV contact lenses and glasses.

Barcode Marked Cards

barcode marked cards

And the other is the barcode marked decks of cards with invisible bar codes on the four edges of the cards. Only the poker scanner analyzers can scan and read such invisible barcode marks.

Which one is right for you?

Marked Cards for Contact Lenses

Infrared ink marked cards with luminous ink markings on the back are also called contact lenses marked cards for they usually work with invisible ink marked cards. With the emergence of contact lenses marked cards, people don't need to be afraid of being found while using the marked playing cards anymore. People can't detect any marks with naked eyes for the contact lenses marked deck is marked with the infrared invisible ink. The card's suits and points are marked on the back of the playing cards and they can be seen only with infrared contact lenses or glasses.

Contact lenses marked cards have a lot of advantages.

First of all, contact lenses marked playing cards are very safe to use in the magic show or poker games. With the advancement of technology, there is a technology that can make invisible marks on poker cards. This mark is not only invisible to the naked eye but also does not show traces on the original card. It's hard to spot these marks even if you touch the card carefully.

Secondly, high quality is the word-of-mouth for contact lenses marked deck. Generally, contact lenses playing cards are processed by high-end imported cards, such as Modiano and Fournier in Italy, Copag, Bee, and Bicycle in the United States.

Finally, it is about the introduction of infrared contact lenses or sunglasses. These infrared ink readers including the contacts and glasses that work with marked cards are comfortable and safe. This contact lens will be available in a variety of colors and sizes to meet different meet of people from different countries.

Realizing the presence of contact lenses marked decks is surprising or pleasant? It would be a good helper in magic shows or poker game.

Marked Cards for Scanner Analyzer

You may know barcode marked cards are also a type of marking playing cards which marked with invisible ink via professional printer. However, they are quite different from back marked cards which only need to work with a pair of simple infrared contact lenses or sunglasses. Barcode marked cards with their marks on four sides and they are unreadable for contact lenses or IR camera.

To some extent, the working principle of bar code marked cards are similar to the goods of shopping malls. More specifically, marks on barcode marked cards are invisible to our eyes. They have simple barcodes that contain all the information you want, but you need to use a scanning instrument to complete the reading process of this information as our eyes can't recognize it. That's why, we need the help of poker analyzer system. Therefore, how will they work together?

A normally all-in-one poker analyzer system should contain a phone which has installed with a built-in camera lens, remote control and earpieces. The HD built-in camera lens will scan the barcode after you shuffling the cards and send the data to analyzer software. Then analyzer will gather all the information and predict the winner of the game in advance. At last, you can get the information via earpieces easily. If you suppose to the earpieces are quite dangerous, here is an another option for you. You can choose time mode to show the result.

Normally, barcode marked cards are popular used on Texas Holdem, Omaha, Blackjack and Baccarat poker game. Because most of poker analyzers have those options when you decide which game to be purchased. What's more, a deck of barcode marked cards can keep more than 6 months if you don't open the box. This is a very worthwhile deal.

Compare the marked cards - which one is right for you?

# Marked cards for contact lenses Marked cards for scanner analyzer
Marking device Cards marking machine Cards marking machine
Markings Any kinds of marks on the back;
can show you number and suits
Barcode marks on four sides;
work in scanning system to let you know the number and suit or winning hands
Reading device IR/UV contact lenses or glasses;
invisible to naked eyes
Poker scanner camera with analyzer only;
invisible to lenses or glasses
Related products Infrared contact lenses
or infrared sunglasses
Phone scanner analyzer,
wireless scanning camera, earpiece...
Price 35-90USD per deck;
can order any decks
35-65usd per deck;
better 10 decks or more every order

From the above form, we can see that both the contact lenses marked cards and barcode marked decks for phone scanner analyzer have their own advantages. They might work well for different games and situations. It's better that the users can choose the most suitable one for their won games so as to get the most benefits from what they pay.

Supported by the most advanced cards marking system, Marked Cards Contact Lenses Online Shop provides our clients with high quality marked cards of any brands such as Copag, Fournier, Bicycle, BEE, and so on. And they can be designed for specific systems: poker perspective system, poker scanning system and poker infrared system. You can choose one type of marked cards to work with corresponding detective method. Besides, our customized service is also our biggest advantage in the poker cheating industry. Any marking patterns are fully satisfied here.

Therefore, featured with high security, perfect durability and outstanding touching feeling, our quality marked playing cards are one of the hot-sell products all the time.

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