CVK Poker Scanning Analyzer

CVK400 poker analyzer

Poker winner scanning system CVK400 for Texas and Omaha

CVK400 is the latest poker analyzer of CVK that We provide in the market. The high-speed and  modern Playing Cards Cheating Device of CVK 400 scanner analyzer works very well in getting the winne...

CVK350 poker analyzer

CVK350 Poker Analyzer for Barcode Marked Cards

Being different from the early model of CVK analyzers, the CVK350 has a local scanning camera. It can scan the barcode marked cards directly and then analyze the signal and information. The scanning d...

CVK350T marked cards analyzer

CVK350T Barcode Marked Cards Analyzer

 CVK350T poker analyzer is in the cover of Iphone, which is much different from other models of CVK analyzers for they are always in Copied Samsung. The CVK350T has a local scanning camera insid...

CVK500 poker scanner analyzer

Invisible Ink Marked Cards CVK500 Scanner Analyzer

 CVK500 poker analyzer recently come out into the market in 2017. The high-speed and accurate scanner analyzer of CVK500 works very well in scanning marked cards and getting the winner hands in p...