Marked Cards Contact Lenses For Blue Eyes

Blue contact lenses

Price: Contact Us

Center Diameter: 5 MM, 6 MM, 9 MM

Delivery Time: 2-3 working days

Application: Cheating in poker, gambling tricks, magic show

Category: Luminous Marked Cards Reader

Some people may ask if we have blue contact lenses or not.
In fact, the blue contact lenses may refer to two items here. One is the contact lenses that have blue area in the center which may make your eyes look blue when you wear it. Another is the contact lenses that have a small center of dark or black dot to see invisible marked cards. It doesn't look blue but it don't change the eye color at all if you wear these lenses. When you wear our marked cards reader contact lenses, you can see others’ cheating cards easily.
We are professional supplier of infrared contact lenses that can see the invisible marks of special marked cards. Also we have other related products like luminous marked cards, poker scanner analyzers and so on. You can always get the right product that can suit you.

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