Marked Deck Tricks of Dal Negro Texas Holdem

Dal negro Texas holdem playing cards are available in red and blue with very special pattern on the back. Some guys want to mark this playing cards with their UV invisible ink pen by hand but they can't do it well. That's quite normal. Even with the right ink, people can't mark the PVC playing cards well by hand. Usually the good marked cards are marked by special machine.
Our technologic staff mark all the playing cards with invisible ink by special machine, which ensure that people can't see any luminous marks by naked eyes. Only wear the related marked cards contact lenses, can you see the invisible ink marks of our infrared marked cards or ultimate marked decks. The 100% plastic Dal Negro Texas Hold'em invisible ink cards is really famous in Italy and many other Europe countries.
Welcome to contact for more information if you have any interest in the related products, including the luminous ink kit, marked cards reader kit and invisible ink playing cards.

Dal Negro Texas Holdem Marked Cards




  • Name: Emerson Sadler2019-05-09 20:52:07


  • Content: Hello. How much is the luminous marked cards and contact lenses?
  • Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of luminous marked decks of cards. Lets Whatsapp to contact for details please. Good day!
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  • Content: Sir, I would like to purchase the invisible ink pen and also contact lenses. Send me the details.
  • Reply: Thanks for inquiry of invisible ink contact lenses. Let us contact for details by whatsapp please. Good day.
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  • Content: Donde puedo comprar los contactos
  • Reply: Gracias por la consulta de tarjetas marcadas lentes de contacto. Pongámonos en contacto para más detalles por whatsapp por favor. Buen día.