Invisible Ink Marked Dominoes Double 6

 Infrared marked dominoes is one of the popular entertainment products that work with UV ink contact lenses, which is similar with the contact lenses marked cards.

Double 6 dominoes are the most common ones, when comparing with the double 9 dominoes and double 12 dominoes. We have many brands double 6 dominoes, which are packed in different material packs, including wooden, plastic and metal.
Our experienced and skillful technicians can mark all these dominoes well with invisible ink marks for marked cards infrared contact lenses to see. The marked dominoes look exactly the same as the normal clean ones in the appearance and no naked eyes can see any marks. However, you can see the marks of the number easily with the IR contact lenses and enjoy the games a lot.

luminous marked dominoes 6




  • Name: Tom2018-09-18 10:29:25


  • Content: Hi. I have interest in this invisible ink sunglasses. It can see marked poker cards, right? How to buy?
  • Reply: Hello. I have sent you information about  invisible ink marked cards sunglasses by whatsapp. Please keep contact there. Good day!
  • Name: Erika elizondo2018-09-08 04:15:48


  • Content: I want these contacts
  • Reply: :Hello. I have sent you information about marked cards contact lenses by whatsapp. Please keep contact there. Good day!
  • Name: Tom2018-09-05 09:22:38


  • Content: Is the PK analyzer the latest poker scanner analyzer now? how much and how can I buy it with marked cards?
  • Reply: Hello. I will whatsapp contact you for details about  the poker scanning analyzer and doing an order. Good day!