Invisible Marks of Infrared Marked Decks

Special marks of marked decks

Big Marks On The Middle With Special Sign For Suits

 There are many companies that sell the marked poker cards and so on. Every company and every technician has their own way to mark paying cards. Here I mean the mode of marks but not the technolo...

Marked cards of small marks

Small Marks On Four Corners For Infrared Contact Lenses To See

The small marks on four corners of the marked playing cards is in fact not so small. It's small when being compared with the special big marks but there are marks on the whole back of the marked deck....

invisible ink tiny marks

Tiny Marks In Four White Sides For Marked Cards Reader

 Many playing cards have four side white edge around the back, which is a good advantage for some poker cards. Why? Some playing cards have backs of very complicated patterns which is very diffic...

Normal marked cards

Marks Of Normal Suits And Numbers In The Middle

 This marks is also in the middle but smaller than the special big marks and bigger than the 4 corner marks. It's a number with one suit on the top in the invisible juice marks on the back. Many...