Perspective Aviator Sunglasses

Do you have interesting in perspective poker glasses? Or IR or UV sunglasses? Now we have the latest perspective Aviator infrared Sunglasses that can meet all your interesting and curiosity. The perspective poker sunglasses are quite magic that they can be used in poker games and magic shows to see invisible ink marked playing cards.

When wearing a pair of magic UV perspective poker sunglasses, you can see through invisible ink marked poker cards and know the numbers and suits well of all the marked deck. What's more, the infrared sunglasses that on your eyes would look fashionable and no special differences to the normal ones. It's quite convenient and simple for you to use magic UV perspective poker glasses to enjoy the poker games or magic shows!

Aviator infrared sunglasses




  • Name: Emerson Sadler2019-05-09 20:52:07


  • Content: Hello. How much is the luminous marked cards and contact lenses?
  • Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of luminous marked decks of cards. Lets Whatsapp to contact for details please. Good day!
  • Name: Thangaraj2019-05-01 13:34:28


  • Content: Sir, I would like to purchase the invisible ink pen and also contact lenses. Send me the details.
  • Reply: Thanks for inquiry of invisible ink contact lenses. Let us contact for details by whatsapp please. Good day.
  • Name: Marcos2019-02-23 06:06:29


  • Content: Donde puedo comprar los contactos
  • Reply: Gracias por la consulta de tarjetas marcadas lentes de contacto. Pongámonos en contacto para más detalles por whatsapp por favor. Buen día.