Colorful Power Bank Marked Cards Reader

This type of power bank scanning camera with new design are widely used to read the barcode marked cards. Compared to the traditional power bank, this power bank has made a great change in the appearance. It become more thin and easy to curry on. But it's battery still with big capacity, so you are allowed to use it for reading barcode marked cards two hours continuously.
This type power scanning camera has four colors for you to choose, such as red, blue, grey and orange. No matter which color are beautiful enough to meet your requirement. As a mini spy camera lens has been installed into the power bank, it can read marked cards within 60cm. But if you want more camera lenses to been installed into it, we can also processed it as your wish. More information you will get by visiting our website.

Colorful Power Bank Marked Cards Reader




  • Name: Marcos2019-02-23 06:06:29


  • Content: Donde puedo comprar los contactos
  • Reply: Gracias por la consulta de tarjetas marcadas lentes de contacto. Pongámonos en contacto para más detalles por whatsapp por favor. Buen día.
  • Name: Fabio2019-02-17 06:21:42


  • Content: Can you tell me the price of poker Scan analyzer?
  • Reply: Thanks for inquiry of poker Scanner analyzer. Let us contact for details by whatsapp please. Good day.
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  • Content: Sir, I would like to purchase the invisible ink pen and also contact lenses. Do all the lenses work with the invisible ink pen?? How much is it for the pen and the contactlenses? And do you guys ship to Belgium? Sincerely
  • Reply: Thanks for inquiry of invisible ink pen contact lenses. Let us contact for details by whatsapp please. Good day.