Invisible Side Code Contact Lenses Marked Cards

In some poker games, players need to know only some certain numbers or points of the bands so as to control the whole situation about that round. For example, some needs to know about the playing cards A, K, Q, J and 10 only. With the code marks that stands for these numbers in different place of the side, you can wear the infrared contact lenses or invisible ink sunglasses to see the marks clearly and know where are the cards or who has get these cards. When knowing this, you can easily to run the game so as to win it at last. These marked cards are called code marked cards because they are code and only you know what the code marks means can know the secret of marked cards. Even others who get the same contact lenses to see the marks, they don't understand what the code marks means. This code marked decks are pretty good because they have no marks of normal numbers or suits.

Invisible code marked cards




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