Bowl with mini scanner to get the dices points

Dice Bowl Scanner

Price: Contact Us

Size: 10 MM, 12 MM, 14 MM, 15 MM, 16 MM, 18 MM, 19 MM, 20 MM, Others

Delivery Time: 2-3 working days

Application: Cheating in poker, gambling tricks, magic show

Category: Casino Cheating Devices

Many people roll the dices with a bowl, which make the processed bowl camera a good device for cheating in dices games.
Many people feel unfamiliar about this bowl camera to see dice points. In fact, the dices is still the normal clean dices or can be any dices but we process the bowl for rolling the dice. Our technicians install a secret camera inside the bowl with special materiel. The camera works secretly but others can't notice it because the processed bowl with scanner looks the same as the normal dice bowl. This camera will scan every throw of the dice and transmute the monitoring image to your phone or anything has screen that can show you the cheating results.

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