Auto Radar Tracking Scanner Camera

 Poker scanner camera to scan bar code marked cards in poker scanning system for poker analyzer to get the poker results is very good device for poker cheating. They are popular use among poker players in Europe and America.

In the earlier days, the scanner camera works with the barcode marked deck only when the cards are on the table in the right place. Now with this auto radar tracking marked cards scanner, it can scan the marked cards no matter it's on the table or moving in the dealer's hand. The radar camera scans the moving marked decks quickly and catch the data needed fast for the poker analyzer. 
This marked cards radar scanning camera for moving decks is in the cover of button. It can be just a shirt button which looks nothing special at all. Of course there's useful device and battery hidden under the clothes. It's quite secret and safe to use such button scanning camera to read invisible ink marked cards for others can't see anything special at all.

Radar marked cards scanner




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