Power Bank Scanning Camera to Read Barcode Marked Decks

Power bank come into the market several years ago and soon become very popular. It is a very normal item to charge our smart phones, Ipads, MP4 and so on in our daily lives. When you take a power bank with you on the way, in a bus, or somewhere else, no one would ask why you take a power bank.
Thus it's a wise choice to process a power bank with our imported high definition camera to scan bar code marked cards in the scanning system. This must be the most advanced power bank. You can just take it to the poker table to work for the poker analyzer and charge your phone at the same time. No one would take notice on it.

Power bank scanning camera




  • Name: Gianluca2019-01-06 23:06:54


  • Content: Ho necessit√† di prendere le lenti e le carte come devo fare ?
  • Reply: Grazie per l inchiesta delle carte segnate. Ci permetta di contattare per dettagli da whatsapp per favore. Buona giornata.
  • Name: Bunty kumar2018-12-17 12:55:42


  • Content: Marked kards gilas kharidne ha
  • Reply: Thanks for inquiry of marked cards. Let us contact for details by whatsapp please. Good day.
  • Name: Bunty kumar2018-12-17 12:54:09


  • Content: Lena haaaa
  • Reply: Thanks for inquiry of marked cards contact lenses. Let us contact for details by whatsapp please. Good day.