Poker Dealing Shoe With Mini Spy Camera Lens

Poker Dealing Shoe With Mini Spy Camera Lens

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Delivery Time: 2-3 working days

Application: Cheating in poker, gambling tricks, magic show

Category: Baccarat Camera System

This is a another kinds of poker dealing shoe to read common playing cards or invisible ink marked cards. This shuffle is not all transparent, its head material is white opaque, so we will installed the poker scanning camera in the secret part where is hard to find. As what we have said above, you can use this poker cheating device to read playing cards or Persian password marked cards, so you need different devices to show the result that the camera has catch.
Translucent cards shuffler for common playing cards usually work with the monitor to show the suit and point of cards. What's more, you will have a remote control to help you control the game. Because, these remote control can overmaster the cards up or down. If you don't want this card which belong to you originally, you can just push the button A, then this card will go up and you will be deal next playing cards. By this way, you can obtain the most suitable cards to win the game you playing.
While, translucent cards dealing shoe for Persian password cards also should work with the monitor and remote control. But before playing the games, you should know the exactly meanings about the Persian password as there aren't a device to report the result. What you can see is just the Persian password on the side of marked cards. That's the most difference between them. If you are interested in these product just don't be hesitate to contact with us!

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