Transparent Dealing Shoe Scanner To See Playing Cards

Baccarat dealing shoe playing cards camera

Price: Contact Us

Delivery Time: 2-3 working days

Application: Cheating in poker, gambling tricks, magic show

Category: Baccarat Camera System

 Transparent dealing shoe is quite a popular item on the poker table for Baccarat. This Baccarat dealing shoe is totally transparent, which seems to can't hold any secrets or devices for tricks. People won't doubt about this transparent dealing shoe any more even our technicians installed a mini spy camera inside. 

Our transparent dealing shoe playing cards camera is the advanced function for the baccarat shoe which is usually used to deal playing cards only. Now our transparent dealing shoe with the spy playing cards camera can help you to see the playing cards being dealt one by one, you can see the number and suit of the cards clearly and others just can't see any difference with our dealing shoe and the normal ones.
Isn't it amazing device for enjoying the baccarat?

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