CVK 730N Insulation Cup With Poker Mini Spy Camera

Insulation cup is too normal to arose other's suspect as a normal item in our daily life. Can you believe that it can be used as a useful external poker canning camera for analyzer system? As you can see, a mini spy scanning camera has be installed into the insulation cup to read the playing cards marked with invisible ink on its side. All components are installed in the hidden parts, so that other players can find nothing difference according to the appearance. Therefore, it really a perfect cheating device for you in any kinds of marked playing cards games.
CVK 730N is a kind of latest poker scanning camera with HD dynamic function. So it can provide a clear vision when you use it to read the barcode marked cards. Beside, No matter how you move and shuffle the marked cards, it can quickly and accurately report the results efficiently. As for the distance, it can reach Moreover, We added a black film in the location of the camera lens so that it will not attract the attention of others. In the vertical direction up and down 20cm and 30-60cm in the horizontal direction. It really can do you a big favor!

CVK 730N Insulation Cup With Poker Mini Spy Camera




  • Name: Tom2018-09-18 10:29:25


  • Content: Hi. I have interest in this invisible ink sunglasses. It can see marked poker cards, right? How to buy?
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  • Content: I want these contacts
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  • Content: Is the PK analyzer the latest poker scanner analyzer now? how much and how can I buy it with marked cards?
  • Reply: Hello. I will whatsapp contact you for details about  the poker scanning analyzer and doing an order. Good day!