Micron Horizontal Infrared Lighter Scanner

More and more poker cheating devices have been used in the marked cards casino games, the lighter also become a popular item as it can be processed into marked playing cards scanning camera. Just like the watch scanning camera, power bank poker scanner and car keys hidden camera. Lighter barcode cards scanners are used as external camera when you are not allowed to put your analyzer system on the casino table or there wasn't a build-in camera in your analyzer.
Micron horizontal lighter scanning camera is a kind of KTZ lighter scanner, but also different from it. This lighter scanner is fitted with a mini spy lens on its side instead of the bottom. What's more, double lens lighter scanner also offered to you for choose and the distance can reach  20-30cm. Therefore, It is a wide-edge lighter. Each KTZ micron horizontal lighter scanner has equipped with two batteries and each battery can sustainable use for about 3 hours. So, time is not a big deal. By the way, all the items can be customized and more information by visiting our website!

Micron Horizontal Infrared Lighter Scanner




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