Invisible Ink For Marking Back Marked Cards

Invisible ink kit has many functions as it can be used to magic show and playing casino cards games. It can write both at paper cards and plastic cards! Although it is kind of easy item, but it is hard to create. Because, There are about several main compounds that blend together in such a way to create the invisibility on paper or plastic backed playing cards. The most important is that you can see nothing with you naked eyes after the invisible ink dries.
Invisible ink kit for marking playing cards has many colors according to the color of playing cards. Generally speaking, each card will have one of the most suitable invisible ink for cards marking. The invisible ink kit provided by our company can used to mark kinds of brand playing cards, such as Modiano playing cards, Copag playing poker, Fournier playing cards, KEM playing cards and so on. More details about the invisible ink kit, please do be hesitate to contact with us!

Invisible Ink For Marking Back Marked Cards




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  • Content: Hello. How much is the luminous marked cards and contact lenses?
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  • Content: Sir, I would like to purchase the invisible ink pen and also contact lenses. Send me the details.
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