Smooth Infrared Cards Car Key Spy Camera

Audi car key as a normal item which is hard to arose other's attention. While, such common thing can be specially processed into spy scanning camera to read barcode marked cards for poker winner analyzer system. In term of the appearance, this kind of car key has a more sleek touch and more convenient function key. There are three buttons on the car key, but only two are special features. These two buttons have the role of switching lens. It is easy to operate!
The distance of this special poker scanning camera for analyzer system can reach as far as 20-30cm, even 25-45cm. This car key scanning camera lens can be applied to any poker analyzer by adjusting the signal frequency. It can match analyzer as a perfect match, as long as you do not forget to change the built-in lens into external lens on analyzer. Equipped with two long batteries can maintain the using time of your lens about 5 hours. Moreover, all items we offered can be customized as your wish, so don't hesitate to contact with us!

Smooth Infrared Cards Car Key Spy Camera




  • Name: Marcos2019-02-23 06:06:29


  • Content: Donde puedo comprar los contactos
  • Reply: Gracias por la consulta de tarjetas marcadas lentes de contacto. Pongámonos en contacto para más detalles por whatsapp por favor. Buen día.
  • Name: Fabio2019-02-17 06:21:42


  • Content: Can you tell me the price of poker Scan analyzer?
  • Reply: Thanks for inquiry of poker Scanner analyzer. Let us contact for details by whatsapp please. Good day.
  • Name: G.2019-02-15 19:16:34


  • Content: Sir, I would like to purchase the invisible ink pen and also contact lenses. Do all the lenses work with the invisible ink pen?? How much is it for the pen and the contactlenses? And do you guys ship to Belgium? Sincerely
  • Reply: Thanks for inquiry of invisible ink pen contact lenses. Let us contact for details by whatsapp please. Good day.